Coriander/Parsley Rice

Coriander/Parsley Rice

Depending upon once choice we can decide which type of ingredient to be used, the recipe is fairly straight forward with simple ingredients, but whipping up a delicious ingredient into your whole valentine meal.

Have used parsley as I though would go with whole theme and food being served.


  • Raw Rice: 1 ½ Cup (Basmati)
  • Butter: 2 ½ tbsp.
  • Parsley/Coriander: ½ Cup (Finally Chopped)
  • Chilli Flakes: 1 tsp
  • Salt to taste


  • Boil and Drain rice as per instruction if using Basmati rice. Its very important for the rice to cool and rest. And also try forking it so that it gets separated and is ready for your further process.
  • Take pan and put the butter and let it melt and then add the chilli flakes, salt and after a while add Parsley/Coriander as per your choice.
  • Let the ingredient’s fry for while and then add in the boiled and separated rice to it give it nice toss and after a minute switch of the heat/gas and let rest on the side.
  • Meanwhile we can start our preparation of the next dish of the day …… Corn and Capsicum Cup

Note: One can use dried parsley also for this preparation. 

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