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Website Development

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We strive to be result driven strategy based on customer requirements i.e. trying to capture the brief from the customer in every detail. We treat each goal and milestones of our clients as our own and work on them to 100%….!

WordPress Sites

We specialize in WordPress sites for beginners, bloggers, and enterprises looking for a professional site with stability and scalability. We can build a fully functional WordPress website for you and scale it as per your requirements within no time. We build WordPress sites on the .org platform, which gives the site owner/enterprise the flexibility to operate on.

Why WordPress ….?

  1. WP is flexible and Adaptable for Changing Needs of every one.
  2. WP is User-friendly—Even for Beginners.
  3. WP offers multiple options through its customer-friendly themes.
  4. WP Extend Functionality through the WP plugin directory, which includes innumerable plugins.
  5. WordPress Sites offer optimized content through various plugins which help WP sites to rank high on Google and other search engines.
  6. WordPress Sites Are Mobile Responsive: Recently Google ranking depends on mobile responsive sites, WP offers mobile responsive theme designs.
  7. WordPress Sites have a Built-In Blog.
  8. Over 30% of the CMS Based Sites use WordPress since WordPress works for all kinds of sites.

What to Expect ?

  • WordPress 5.0
  • Revolutionary Gutenberg Editor
  • Wold Class CMS
  • SEO Optimized Sites/themes
  • Wide Variety of Themes to choose
  • Million of Plugins to choose from.
  • Improved Security
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to Publish
  • Responsive Design
  • Social Sharing Features
  • Multiple Page Styles.
  • Plenty of Widgets.
  • Free Blog

We have two packages one for:

  1.  Entrepreneurs/Bloggers/First-time users
  2.  Enterprises
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 WordPress Site Delivery Stages 1.0

WP Sites Pricing


Woo Commerce Header

Along with WordPress sites, we also specialize in building E-Commerce sites based on WordPress (i.e. Woo Commerce sites), we develop woo commerce sites as per the client’s requirement and web strategy. One would be surprised how seamlessly e-commerce sites can be build to integrate the on-going challenges in the ever-changing web world and the dynamics of doing business around the globe.

Woo Commerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives both entrepreneurs, business owners and developers complete control on creating solution which will allow you to sell/market anything, beautifully.

Why Woo Commerce?

With millions E-Commerce sites/business being launched every year, there are innumerable options for new retailers, one should opt for self-hosted platforms like Woo Commerce ! and this is the simplest possible solution for e-commerce platform and grow your business exponentially..!

Let’s look at some of the reasons to opt for Woo Commerce and its advantages over other E-commerce platforms.

  • WooCommerce Pricing

WooCommerce is very competitive when compared to leading enterprise eCommerce applications, any business or entrepreneur can take advantage of its capabilities without having to commit to expensive support contracts or proprietary software licenses.

  • WooCommerce Is Modular

Similar to WordPress, WooCommerce includes many sets of features that can be extended with the addition of plugins. Retailers who use WooCommerce benefit twice from this modularity: The benefit of a modular system is that it helps to add specific functionality required by a retailer as per his/her market demands, something that isn’t possible with monolithic applications.

  • WooCommerce Is WordPress

WordPress thrives since it’s very flexible and functional. Scores of businesses choose to use WordPress because it provides the best and secure foundation for their sites. It’s fast, secure, reliable and easy to use. WooCommerce inherits all of the strengths of WordPress and these factors are used to build an out of the world eCommerce experience for retailers and their customers.

  • WooCommerce Can Be Used to Sell Anything

Since woo commerce is so flexible one can sell a single product to various products it does not make a difference. Products can vary from physical to services, digital products, subscription-based products can also be sold Woo Commerce.

  • WooCommerce Has A Vibrant Developer Community

Both woo commerce and WP have a thriving development community and are open source platforms, which give the opportunity for the retailers to add or change the core features of the application.

  • WooCommerce Includes Powerful Analytics

Woo Commerce can be attached to external analytics services like Google Analytics, which is one of the best and powerful analytics tools available for anyone to know about the customers coming to your store and their behavior in your store and with your products. More you know the strategies can be fine-tuned further purpose.

  • WooCommerce Grows with Your Business

Woo Commerce can grow with one’s business, it allows you to start small and grow along with your business. It can be scaled from a single product to thousands of products without any hassles and complications to the store.

  • WooCommerce Provides World-Class Content Management

Since woo commerce is hosted on WordPress the best CMS system, which gives woo commerce world-class CMS system to operate from and give a seamless experience to the customer and retailer.

  • WooCommerce Is Fast

WordPress and Woo Commerce combined to provide a fast and reliable shopping experience for the customers dropping in your online store, allowing you to thrive irrespective of the size of the store, which very difficult with many of the e-commerce platforms.

  • WooCommerce Is Made For Selling

With so many features and functionalities built into Woo Commerce its built to sell anything and help you to excel in the thriving and growing online e-commerce field i.e. millions of plugins, world-class CMS system, seamless integration into numerous payment gateways with any hassles, wide choice of shipping methods, easy taxation module.

What to Expect…?

A successful site starts from a successful sale/transaction when someone clicks “buy.” i.e. converting a customer who has been browsing various stores. Create a store which is unique to your brand and create a special experience for navigating your products, content, and site through the following features:

  • Woo Commerce 3.5.1
  • Countless Themes to choose from
  • Eye-catching landing pages
  • Customization to the core
  • Free In-built blogging
  • Ease of Categories, tags make products to find
  • Ease of Product ratings and reviews
  • Product sorting and filtering
  • Unlimited products
  • Numerous images and galleries

Sell anything

  • Physical, digital, or both
  • Affiliate products from other sites (i.e. driving traffic from other sites)
  • Import and Export Products with ease
  • Seamless integration of various payment gateways from leading providers
  • Various Shipping options
  • Tax Options
  • Geo Location Support

Manager Orders and Database

  • Customer accounts and guest checkout
  • Inventory and Order management
  • Email Templates
  • Easy Backend management (Various authorization levels)

Optimized Store

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Related products display
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Coupons

Apart from that, it has up to date documentation, customization, unlimited storage, high-level security, support international transactions, mobile friendly.

Woo Commerce Site Delivery Stages 1.0


Woo Commerce Pricing

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