Key West Vacations and Travel Guide

Key West Vacations and Travel Guide
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Key West Vacations

Key West is a tiny island in Florida. Driving from Miami to Key West takes a while. But once you get there, you’ll see some of the city’s most breathtaking scenery and important historical sites. Of course, the island is well-known for its beaches and for being at the westernmost point of the Florida Keys. The Keys residents are popular for their live-in-the-moment outlook. Do you know some well-known figures have even made Key West their home? Exploring Key Largo is a well-liked activity. It is home to a variety of wildlife and frequently serves as a movie set. Many people take pleasure in strolling the island’s coast or scuba diving. Because of its historical significance and natural beauty, the city offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. This makes it a destination that tourists should not miss.

Best Travel Months

The months of March through May are the ideal times to visit Key West. The weather is fairly comparable to the pleasant 70s and 80s of winter. At this point, the crowds and hotel rates will begin to thin. Winter is by far the busiest and most expensive season on the island. Also, expect fewer visitors during the summer months, making hotel rates the lowest, ideal to book. Although the trade-off can be worthwhile, you are still taking a chance during hurricane season (June to November). Lastly, make a note that festivals and events like Fantasy Fest and Key West Pride may increase the overall budget. So, either book early or avoid visiting when there are events.

Accommodation options in Key West:

With so many fantastic lodging options in Key West, visitors may require some assistance in making a decision. The two best places for travelers to get lodging are noted below.

·         Havana Cabana

Havana Cabana

Havana Cabana, which is on the waterfront, has long been a part of Key West but recently changed hands. The neighborhood’s nostalgic art and culture have a big impact on the hotel. Travelers use the Cabana to get away from reality. As guests arrive, they may hear birds of paradise and flamenco guitar.

·        Oceans Edge Resort & Marina

The biggest hotel in Key West is Oceans Edge Resort & Marina. Travelers will enjoy their stay at this hotel because 100% of the rooms have ocean views. Further, there are six magnificent swimming pools, and one of the best restaurants in Key West is there. This hotel also has dockside access to the numerous untamed islands. There are also waterways, sandbars, animals, and the third-largest barrier reef in the world in the Gulf and the Atlantic.

Reasons to book cheap flights to Key West:

1.     Fishing

The waters surrounding the island of Key West are abundant with snapper, grouper, and marlin. Well, Key West is well known for its sports fishing culture. To learn the ropes or pursue a lifetime love, get a boat, or hire a captain by contacting businesses.

2.    Seafood

One of the best spots in America to eat good seafood is Key West. After all, the Caribbean’s abundant fishery is just outside its door. For a seafood hot pot, go to Square One (1075 Duval Street). Besides, try the yellowtail snapper at Martin’s (917 Duval Street), or fill up on oysters at Alonzo’s (700 Front Street).

3.     Partying

Key West doesn’t have many beaches, but it has a busy calendar of events, parties, and cocktail bars. Visit the island in October for Fantasy Fest, or join the masses that congregate there every night. They all dine, drink, and enjoy music to the fullest.

Tips about Key West:

  • A major issue to think about when driving in Key West is parking, especially if you’re staying in Old Town. To say there is little on-street parking would be an understatement. Some hotels just have a few parking spaces or a small lot.
  • Key West is not the cheapest of places. But with enough forethought, you can still have a great time here on a budget.
  • You must browse and read news about the weather both before and during your trip.


To book flight tickets to Key West International Airport, call the airline of your choice. They will quickly make reservations for you and assist you around the clock.

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