6 Bars/Pubs In Pune You Have To Visit

6 Bars/Pubs In Pune You Have To Visit

Pune much like Mumbai comes to life at night. It has tons of restaurants, clubs, and bars you can choose from. In this article, we talk about 6 pubs in Pune that you have to visit when you go to Pune.

6 Pubs In Pune:

  1. High Spirits

High Spirits is the unofficial party capital of Pune. It has had its fair share of controversy, but it still remains the go-to place for youngsters in Pune. The ambiance is great and so is the food. Added to that they have great gigs. Musicians, stand-up comedian and even magicians, all can be found at High Spirits.

Added to that High Spirits has a cookout every Sunday which is actually quite reasonable. It does not allow stag entry for men though. If you are in Pune and looking to party look no further than High Spirits.

  1. Swig

If you are looking for a bar/pubs in Pune to go to with reasonable drinks and a great crowd then consider swig. Swig has happy hours which make the drinks affordable, and the place exuberates a great vibe which makes it a good place to hang out.

Swig is also pet-friendly so if you like dogs, do go to swig. You may have to wait quite a while though to get a table. Added to that it may not allow stags on certain occasions so be wary of that.

  1. Agent Jacks

If you are broke and still want to enjoy a drink, consider going to Agent Jacks. The place has a decent ambiance and it works on the concept of demand and supply when it comes to pricing drinks.

Drinks are expensive at peak hours and reasonable at non-peak hours. Added to that if a drink is ordered too many times its price rises and vice versa. It really is a cool place to hang out. Consider being dressed well before planning to go here. (Jeans and shoes are a must for guys). Another alternative to Agent jacks would be bar stock exchange.

  1. Euriska

If you are looking to dance till you drop then consider going to Euriska. It is a club/bar which is set with Greek interiors. It is well made, and the DJ knows how to start a party. The food is great, but more importantly, it is drunk friendly zone.

It is famous in Pune for its music and dance floor. If you do not want to go to Euriska consider going to Mi-am-I, but Euriska is a lot cheaper and hence finds itself on this list.

  1. Aufside

Do you love sports? Are you a football fan? Do you like to go to football screenings ? If you answered yes to any of those questions consider going to Aufside. This sports bar is known to have screenings for premier league and La Liga games.

If you go for a game, you will find tons of sports enthusiasts like you who are just looking to support their team and drink beer. The place can get crowded quickly, so consider going earlier as it will save you from waiting to enter. Other sports bars you can consider are Replay Sports Bar and Toons.

  1. House of Medici

If you are looking to go to a luxurious bar, then the House of Medici would be my pick. The lighting and the interiors of this place are stunning, to say the least. It is almost always crowded and getting entry can be a pain.

Medici is walking distance from high Spirits and so people often go to High Spirits first and then go to Medici to get a drink.

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