Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes & Ideas

Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes & Ideas

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. When we think of Valentine’s Day we probably think of flowers, chocolates, expensive restaurants and probably home cooked delicious meal……filled with goodies 😊

This Valentine’s Day, let your partner know how special she is to you by Spending an evening at home with your partneVal Day Blog Imager this Valentine’s Day and make these meals that keep romance in mind is an awesome idea rite. A romantic meal at home has so many advantages over a noisy, overpriced, overcrowded restaurant. I have always found it refreshing to cook and sweat it out and find smile in her face and joyed by the feeling that she is happy, now my daughter too helps me out in preparing for the day and no compromise from her side…. 😊……we enjoy doing it together……!

Ok now it always boils down to what do we cook, which could bring that air of celebration……we have tried many combinations all these years, what new is always confronting me and perhaps every one……! whether to whip up dessert or a meal, which cuisine its gets very tiring…..I know 😊……….so just trying give you all a glimpse of what we have tried to cook up yesterday evening for my wife and daughter. Tried to create all vegetarian platter 😊 with minimum ingredients and time….!

val dinner 2.0

Please click on individual links of each item of the menu to find the recipe:

The platter consists of:

  1. Coriander/Parsley Rice 
  2. Corn and Capsicum Cup
  3. Paneer Shashlik (innovative method of cooking) 😊
    • Glass of Wine to accompany the whole meal of course.

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