For Guest Post Submission Please Contact [email protected]

For Guest Post Submission Please Contact

We invite any one interested in giving their entries for guest post submission. Please submit it at @ [email protected]

You need to submit the following details:

  1. Your “Post Submission” in word format. (Please find the details whats a post)
  2. Photo to be displayed
  3. Name and Place your from
  4. Email id for future communication.


  1. Post can be travel experience of a place or a location, Recipe of our own (Vegetarian Only), Any topic apart from this you would want to discuss (one could get in touch on the above mentioned mail id and get clarity on the same).
    • Post has to at least 250 to 300 words long.
    • If its a recipe it has to have the following sequence i.e. dish name, cuisine, ingredients, method step wise, photos of good clarity and nicely taken i.e. it should be 375 * 225 pixels minimum. Please try to be original.
      • Recipe can be savory food, dessert, starter or anything you can think of.
    • For travel post one post for each place/destination, with clear photos of the pic (not taken from the net). The various activities one can do in that place and places to visit and small description of each place and pics of the each place.
    •  Any other post should have Topic of discussion, the body of the post and conclusion.
    • Photos of the contributor is a must, as it will be displayed with their name.

What occurs next ? I will recognize receipt/submission of your article that same day, and let you know with in time frame of seven days whether it has been acknowledged for production. On the off chance that it is, we maintain whatever authority is needed to alter the article at my watchfulness, incorporating changes in the content, subheads and feature, to enhance meaningfulness and boost web activity.

If one wants to discuss anything apart from the said above points, please feel free to write @ [email protected]

Regards, Foodopium

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