Mini Idli Combinations / Recipes

Mini Idli Combinations / Recipes

Mini Idli Combinations

A very addictive, it’s one of the most popular among kids dish – Mini Idli. There is nothing fancy in this dish, but the cute mini sized Idli’s, which the kids are always fascinated of. The slight difference to be noted is the Idli batter,  which we have to grind it a little coarse. Have tried list down the various combinations we can have with mini idli.

Mini Idli & Sambar:

This is a classic combination, have first had this is in Chennai, I had been there several years back, had been with my friend she told me that the restaurant near the British consulate, which is famous for the mini idli and Sambar, 18 mini idlis and sambar served in bowl. It was really out of the roof, so then on have been relishing Mini Idlis whenever given a chance to do ….:)

Mini Idli and Sambar


Mini Idli & Chutney Powder:

This is again very popular dish, very simple and tasty, idle for snack time, which is very healthy and nutritious. Recently seen this combo being sold like gourmet food in many theaters and restaurants.

Mini Idli & Chutney Powder


Mini Idli & Coconut Chutney:

This is again a classic combo, whenever we send this to our kids class lunch, they enjoy and make chutney sandwich,  out of the idlis and eat. This combo is a choice when we do not want to make only side dish.

Plain Idli Frtd


Enjoy the various versions of Mini Idli and its accompaniments, will keep updating such posts to keep you updated with the various combinations one can make.

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