Mini Gujarati Thali

Mini Gujarati Thali
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Gujarati Cuisine refers to the food/cuisine of Gujarat, which is mostly vegetarian, this can be attributed to presence and influence of Jainism in the state, which has made Gujarati’s predominately vegetarians i.e. despite having an vast coastline providing abundant seafood, But many communities also exist in the state who are non-vegetarian and thrive in the state.

Gujarati’s are known to be food lovers and very particular about their food they are having, which is very evident form their cuisine. Typically, each gujarati meal/thali consists of dishes made of pulses, rice, dry vegetable, curd (Khadi), buttermilk makes very vital portions of the daily thali of every Gujarati.

Today have put together a mini gujarati thali, hope this inspires you to make some recipes, will be adding more gujarati dishes in due course as we progress.


Safed Khatta Dhokla

Safed Khata Dhokla
Safed Khata Dhokla

Safed Khatta Dhokla is a staple dish in every gujarati thali, we can say without this dish a gujarati thali is not complete. Safed/ White Dhokla is a steamed cake made of dal and rice, with essential seasoning and tempering.

Dhania Pudina Chutney (Green Chutney)
Green Chutney

Dhania Pudina Chutney is popularly known as green chutney which is predominately used as chutney for various snacks, sandwiches, and many main course dishes because of its unique taste and flavour.

Sev Tamata Nu Shaak

Sev Nu Tomato Sak

Sev Tamata Ki Sabzi is popularly known as Sev Tamata Nu Shaak in Gujarat i.e. Shaak means Sabzi in gujarati. A unique and popular dish of Gujarat, eaten with pulka, roti or chapati.

Gujarati Khichadi


Its simple combination rice, moong dal, garlic, chillies, cooked and tempered with ghee and aromatic spices, we can find this among many parts of India in variations like Pongal in South India, Dal kichadi in Maharashtra where rice is an important part of their thali.

Gujarati Khadi


This is a dish made of yogurt and besan, giving rise to a spicy sweet curry, which goes well with khichadi and many rice preparation’s.



Chapatis are made using a soft dough comprising Atta flour, salt and water. Atta/Flour is made from whole wheat which is freshly ground in mills or one can purchase this from any super market. This is more or less resembles the culture of having bread with any curry or vegetable in lunch/dinner.

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