Thali – South Indian & North Indian

Thali – South Indian & North Indian
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Mushroom Roast & Aloo Methi, one dish is a typical dish from Kerala and other from Punjab, but both put together make stellar combination whether with chapati/roti / rice. Nice filling, tasty and very colourful, which pleasing to eye. Mushrooms are one of the most fascinating edible things on the planet.

It said that we eat more with our eyes, as food looks appetizing our hunger is heightened, this is what the street food does for us. As it is prepared in front of us and the smell both put together becomes too hard to avoid.

Mushroom Roast

The same concept applies here for our dishes today:

  1. Mushroom Roast: Typical Kerala style dish, made of more tomatoes less of onions and mushrooms, spicy and juicy. Please click HERE for the recipe.
  2. Aloo Methi: This is a typical Punjabi dish, easy and tasty dish made with aloo and fresh methi, this dish packed with nutrients and tasty too. Please click HERE for the recipe.

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