The Benefits of Eating with Hands & the Vedic Science behind it !

The Benefits of Eating with Hands & the Vedic Science behind it !

Eating with hands is very common in India, Africa and The Middle East.

For instance/example in India, it is impolite to eat with the left hand (Sorry Guys 😊). In the event that you are left hander then its acknowledged as that is the essential hand one would use for every other action. In Africa, a practice indistinguishable from India and two dishes/bowls of water are set/kept before you with the dish: one bowl is for washing your hands previously the feast and one after it.

In the Middle-East, it’s similar standards aside from the food is scooped with hands or the bread (for the most part pita bread) from the public plate.

In article in “The Vedic Science behind eating with your hands”  it explains how it’s a Vedic tradition to eat with hands, which activates our five senses/heightens our senses so that we can smell, taste, feel the texture while we are eating. We also hear the sound of the vessels so all this helps the digestive system in getting ready for the meal and aides in overall better digestion. And many of the nerve endings are at the tips of the fingers, which help trigger digestion. This brings overall satisfaction for the meal/food being consumed.

As per Vedas through the thumb comes space, with the index finger comes air, the centre finger is fire, the ring finger is water and the little finger comes earth. Hence, eating with one’s hands fortifies these five elements and helps in better digestion. Eating with hand is more a sensory experience, have always cherished eating with hand and making it messy, have heard complaints about that not being good and not healthy 😊…!

If we have observed our hands look like a claw, which can used to scoop, catch, cut, tear and do a lot of activities. We can scoop water in our hand with it falling. These pair of hands are tools given to us to be utilized in the right manner I suppose.

There are many benefits attached with eating with hands:

  1. Helps you stay fit, by eating lesser portions.
  2. Its More hygienic, contrary to the popular belief (As we clean our hands before and after our lunch or dinner).
  3. Useful to stop binge eating.
  4. Improved digestion.

When we use our limbs, fingers and hands as per nature of laws, every action of ours becomes divine i.e. when eat with hands, feed the infants, use to dig in the soil to plant seeds, embrace someone, clasp the hands in prayer we are using our hands, limbs to share the healing energies of our vast universe. Which is highest act of divinity ?

Many studies have been conducted worldwide to prove the benefits of eating with hands rather than using cutlery. So why don’t we get those hands of ours dirty and put them to good use. If rightly taken food is the most potent form of medicine, will help our bodies to be hale and healthy.

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