North Indian – Meal Plan

North Indian – Meal Plan
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We have started with basic north Indian thali where we will be mixing various North Indian cuisines such Punjabi, Rajasthani, Uttaranchal and many distinct cuisines which are a part of North India.

To start with we are giving in North Indian meal plan jeera rice, Bhindi Fry, Dal Fry, Jeera Aloo, Pulka, and Onion Salad.

So, here is the giving a meal plan as mentioned above: 

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North Indian Thali
Jeera Rice (Please Click Here)

It is a well-known dish in North India and Pakistan. It’s much easier to prepare, nothing like the effort gone into preparing biryani. “Zeera” is the Hindi-Urdu word for cumin seeds, frequently articulated as Jeera. The ingredients utilized are rice, cumin seeds, vegetable oil, fresh coriander and a pinch of garam masala.

Bhindi Fry (Please Click Here)

Bhindi Fry is only one of those simple dishes to make that make you feel at home. Some would call it comfort food, others would simply call it their most loved veggie dish ever. Whatever season of day it might be or whatever the season, bhindi has a method for improving everything once more. It runs well with chapati and rice.

Dal Fry (Please Click Here)

Dal Fry is a spicy punjabi dish produced using blended dals like toor, chana, moong, masoor dal or just with chana and toor dal. This legitimate Punjabi dal sear recipe takes after the previous approach and uses grouping of protein rich dals cooked in weight cooker and blended with Indian curry flavours sautéed in ghee.

Jeera Aloo (Please Click Here)

Aloo Jeera is an easy dish made with potato cubes tempered with cumin seeds giving a slightly nutty flavour to the dish. This can complement any main dish.

Pulka (Please Click Here)

An Indian flatbread made with wheat flour. The cooking procedure begins on the stovetop and finishes on open fire which puffs up the bread into layers making it delicate.

Each of the dish has been given individual recipes….!

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