Meal Plan – South Indian

Meal Plan – South Indian
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Cooking is gets tough when you do not know what to cook, deciding what to cook would be precise. You have many members in your family who’s likes and dislikes vary from each other so to satisfy their palates become highly competitive at times and also tiring……. 😊 ………..and it’s a never ending process some times. What to cook ? What to buy ?

So, we are introducing meal plans which could save a lot of time and energy also. Trying to give ideas as meal plan so you could work on it immediately.

To start with we are giving South Indian meal plan, traditionally a South Indian meal contains rice, one vegetable, rasam and curd/curd rice, papad and pickle.

So, we are giving a meal plan as mentioned above:

Meal Plan South Indian

  1. Plain Rice
    • Pressure cooked rice or starch free cooking i.e. is by draining the excess water after the rice is cooked will be the best way to cook your rice and serve it for various south Indian meals/dishes.
  2. Beetroot Fry/Vepudu (Andhra Style Beetroot Fry/)vepudu
    •  Andhra Style Beetroot Vepudu is an extremely easy and healthy way of cooking beetroot. It is best served with rasam and steamed rice.
  3. Rasam (Dal Rasam)
    • A delicious preparation i.e. Rasam is a south Indian curry/soup made with tamarind, tomatoes, pepper, cumin, lentils etc. Rasam can be served as a gravy for rice/soup along with papad.
  4. Curd Rice/Yogurt Rice
    • A traditional rice dish i.e Curd Rice, served along with this thali/meal plan gives good balance to the diet and appetite. It will assist in digestion and regulate your digestive system. Curd rice: This is very good for the stomach and a light option for the summers.
  5. Mango Pickle
    • Summer is the season for mangoes and so is for pickle in India. In India, people make mango pickle and serve it with many dishes of your choice.

The total combination of above five items gives an balanced diet, with required no. of calories and protein intake for any individual for lunch / dinner option.

For individual recipes of the dishes please click on the names of the dishes, will take you to the respective recipes.

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