Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes – Ebook

Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes – Ebook
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Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes – eBook is an outcome of the carnival held by Blogchatter in the month of May. Came across this carnival on the BlogChatter website listed among the list of various activities, which the bloggers can participate. This where the whole exciting journey started.

I always had an elusive idea of publishing my own cookbook but never thought how to go about it and never gave it a try because of that. After seeing this carnival just thought will give it try and took a dive into the challenge. Was very peeped about the fact that I had registered, but did not have an idea what would I write the book on. Since it was an eBook it was totally different ball game, had a lot in the mind i.e. the format, the size and the content and no.of recipes and what I would choose to write. As I entered the carnival got myself added to the participants’ WhatsApp group created and moderated by BlogChatter, I think that’s where all my doubts were cleared and go clarity on how to go about the whole process.

I started collecting my various blog posts have posted on Indian Breakfast, which was healthier, and other recipes in a word document. Normally for each recipe, I give an introduction and write something about the dish and how we made it. Thought would to do away with that, keep it just straight forward recipe and how to go about making the dish- that’s how have kept some of the recipes kept to a single page as one of the reviewers mentioned that “In fact, if this book was in paper format, then each recipe can be stuck on a flat surface like a fridge for easy reference while preparing the dish”.

So finally, it becomes a reality that the whole thing came together and we launched the book and have some review given below are the links to the same:

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It was a great learning experience i.e., the whole process of creating a book and publishing the same, thanks to blogchatter team for the whole guidance and help given.


One can download the book here:



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