BlogChatter eBook Review : Breads and Breakfast by Shail Thosani

BlogChatter eBook Review : Breads and Breakfast by Shail Thosani
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Author: Shail Thosani

Pages: 72

Genre: Cookbook, recipe book 

Format: e book 

Publisher: Blogchatter

Available on: Blogchatter website for free download for a limited time period – link for the book where you download: Blogchatter® (

Summary :

This is eBook provides you a variety of breakfasts divided into sections, in one section you can find recipes for breakfast using bread, and in the second one can find breakfast recipes. Most of the recipes are simple and basic so that each one of us can prepare these dishes using these recipes. I myself being cooking for some time can see that most are friendly and can be prepared easily without any hassles. This book gives you the choice between recipes using bread for breakfast and traditional Indian breakfast for you to choose.

Author bio:

She is gained a lot of cooking miles 😊 from her vast experience of cooking, she is a home chef and loves to cook different dishes and also bakes cakes and breads. A lawyer by profession, but that has never stopped her from pursuing her passion for cooking. You can subscribe to her website and also follow her on Instagram and Twitter under the name @alawyerskitchen and also follow and like her page on Facebook @alawyerskitchen. You can find her on blogchatter  @

Review on the Ebook:

I like the fact that all recipes are tried and tested, which is very important in any recipe. She has added a small snippet, in the beginning, trying to give a short description of the dish so that the reader gets an overview of the recipe which he/she is going to read or try later. Her list of ingredients for each recipe is given clearly and is simple and these can be found easily in every kitchen /household or nearby grocery store probably if you do not have it in our kitchen.

The steps for preparation are given clearly step after step which helps any individual to arrange oneself as per instructions. At the end of each recipe, the serving instructions are given as per the requirement of each dish. AS a south Indian it’s but natural you tend to slide towards the Idlis and Dosa’s can’t help. I noticed the different types of idlis and dosa’s mentioned in this book because making Idli out of all these items such as oats and ragi/finger millet is a refreshing idea and something new to try out for the readers.

And as mentioned all the recipes are tested so you can also find beautiful image accompanying each recipe which depicts the dish, which are eye-catching and also becomes a reference point for the person trying the recipe.

The best part of the book:

I like the various breads prepared inculcating the traditional recipes and turning them into a dish by itself i.e., paneer chilly sandwich, pav bhaji toast, and potato cheese chilly toast.


I am looking forward to trying the above recipes such as paneer chilly sandwich, pav bhaji toast, and potato cheese chilly toast, and also the idli recipes.

I should say thanks to this e-book has given me more new recipes and ideas to try out, which I am always look out for 😊 trying to Wisk something new. Wish her all the best for this e-book and future endeavors.

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