Gargi Thali Restaurant Naivedhya, Tarani Chowk, Kolhapur

Gargi Thali Restaurant Naivedhya, Tarani Chowk, Kolhapur
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Gargi Thali Restaurant Naivedhya, Raj Gaurav Hall, near Tarani Chowk, Ruikar Colony, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Ph: +912312539898

Cuisine: Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Rajasthani – Thali Restaurant

Review:  We were put at Sayaji Hotel, Kholapur on our road trip back from Bangalore to Mumbai. As we checked in, we were scouting a good kholapuri restaurant in the vicinity. In our scouting over google, we found Gargi Thali Restaurant showing around 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from Sayaji Restaurant.

We had a problem locating this place so I am giving the exact google location for others’ ease of locating the restaurant next time.

We got the table pretty easily without much waiting. we were given a table it was for three people. We have to take a full thali for kids above 10 years, I think so.

As we were seated and our Thali’s were given and they started plating the food one by one, if you have been to any Gujarati or a Rajasthani thali restaurant, they can understand the way they serve thali to any customer. It’s an experience by itself, it’s a volley of various types of food that’s served in your Thali, it just keeps coming. For a moment we feel like everyone in the restaurant i.e., the serving staff is only coming to you.

They serve you an assortment of Indian starters, sweets, dal, curries, Gujarati farsan, Puran Poli, one thing which was stand out was red chili chutney, aloo/potato curry, and of course Puran Poli, which I had a second serving 😊. They have an assortment of bread i.e., Chapati, Bakri, and puri. One can literally have as much as you can in these thali restaurants’, but strangely how much ever one tries we cannot eat much 😊 it can be because of the starters or can be of the number of food varieties served, and one tends to be full by eating little of everything. As part of their starters for that day, they served Jal jeera drink. The everyday menu is changed you can see on their website the menu of the day if you want to know in advance.  (Gargi Thali Restaurant Naivedhya)

To end it one can, have kichadi (moong dal) or rice and khadi, I had moong dal kichadi and some buttermilk to go with it. Its heavenly combination one must try it, even though buttermilk is on the menu, one can ask them to provide it. They do oblige and provide…!  

At the end when one is paying we can eat pan kept at the counter, how can someone miss that 😊…..!

If you find this review useful please do comment down your experience of visiting this restaurant, will love to look for some feedback and experiences for Gargi Thali Restaurant Naivedhya.


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2 thoughts on “Gargi Thali Restaurant Naivedhya, Tarani Chowk, Kolhapur”

  • U describe the place and the food very well!! I have been here and I agree the food tastes amazing! 🙉

  • thank you. we were planning to go to kholapur and were wondering where we can eat the famous kholapuri thali …you made my job easy thank you so much……….. ̄︶ ̄

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