Har Ki Dun – Ruinsara Tal Trek | Complete Guide

Har Ki Dun – Ruinsara Tal Trek | Complete Guide
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Trekkers think you can’t beat treks such as Rupin Pass or Buran Ghati when it comes to great treks. And they think it’s a bad cousin when we speak of Ruinsara of Har Ki Dun. This is a major error.

One of the best complete treks we have seen is the Har Ki Dun Trek with Ruinsara tal trek.

It possesses great ancient culture, views of the mountains, forests, wilderness, wetlands, rivers, streams, and even an alpine lake. This trail on the legs is not complicated, which makes it particularly in comparison to other summer hikes the right adventure.

A successful trek is perfect with the addition of Ruinsara to Har Ki Dun. One of the most extensive treks you can do.

There are several new surprises resulting from the inclusion of Ruinsara. After Boston, you will instantly find it when you reach the untouched woods. The forest’s biodiversity is profound; birds are all around.

On the other side, the Rainbasera-Ruinsara Trail takes you through an enclosed gorge, where you can see the major Ruinsara lake unexpectedly. It is an alpine lake fed with green and grassy shoreline snowflakes.

It’s incredible just to rest in snowy mountain peaks on the banks of the lake.

Devsu Stroke must be the greatest secret of the journey when returning. None knew that in the middle of a vast forest such exquisite clearings could occur – in so many layers.

If we’re intrigued by Kashmir grasslands and clearings, Devsu stalk might be even better than others! Neither is Devsu tiny. It will take at least a few hours to explore Devsu in full.



What I like about Har Ki Dun..

  1. The trek from Taluka to Gangad

This part of the tour is one of the most undervalued. You are on an undulating path along the banks of the Thames River less than five minutes from your hike. The canopy of fresh green is constantly on you.

Visitors will note the picturesque traditional, wooden bridges across the river. Without breaking a sweat, you cover miles on this trail.

You can find that as you go on, the coniferous forest gets thicker. A short hour before opening up to the traces of civilization – the ancient town of Ganga – the narrow path snakes through this thick dark forest.

I’m not used to treks with such leafy begins. It was almost like a stroll in a beautiful pine tree forest. Every minute I loved it.

  1. The Meadows of Kalkatiyadhar

Trekkers have never heard of the Har Ki Dun trekking campsite. Like all others, I thought that Kalkatiyadhar was either a small settlement or just next to it.

Kalkatiyadhar turned out to be a large green meadow, somewhat contrary to my expectations. The expanse of the valley blew me away. We were at an observing height in the middle of multi-level cricket-field meadows.

To my far left, the route went up to Swargarohini peaks that were just a glimpse at the horizon. To my extreme right, there were thick jungles of mountains. It was the Ruinsara road.

A meadow was placed right across the river between a pine tree boundary. I could follow the path behind me to Seema and see the Kedarkantha summit just a few miles from Sankri.

  1. The stories of the ancient villages

Most of the ancient villages of Har Ki Dun have been mentioned everywhere. From a long distance, you can see these settlements, scattered on the side of the mountain, almost hanging houses. I could not wait for the interior to climb up to them.

It takes you hundreds of years to spend a night in the village house. You want to catch and take back with you the tales of the elders and the smiles of the youngsters.

The villages complete the famous experience of Har Ki Dun. You will stay in two villages, Ganga and Osla, during our trek.

  1. Devsu Thatch

The best-kept secret of the entire Har Ki Dun – Ruinsara trail turned out to be Devsu Thatch. Many of this meadow can hardly be seen from anywhere but within. In reality, the secret is well-packed with pine trees !

The meadows are 600 meters and almost 2 kilometers deep because they flow downwards from top to bottom. Blossoming brooks border the wilderness, while small colorful flowers emerge almost anywhere in spring from the ground.

You get the best view from the triangular valley here, as you climb up above your counterpart Kalkatiyadhar on the other side of the valley.

I recall walking from one end of the meadow to another the night, to take my shots of the sunset, because every corner looked different.

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