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Kalsubai trek is very popular in the Sahyadri region. It is also the highest peak in Maharashtra with an altitude of 5,400 ft. Waterfalls, historical forts, grasslands, and forests await you here, at Kalsubai.

It offers you a view of many historical forts like Alang, Madan, Kulang. You can also get the view of Harihargad, Harishchandragad, and Ratangad on a clear day. Kalsubai trek is also very well known for night trekking. The base village for this trek is Bari.

It is a good and short weekend getaway if you are longing for a short break from your hectic life.

History:  Kalsubai temple has been drawing villagers from nearby villages for a long time to receive the blessings of Kalsubai Devi. A girl named Kalsubai lived in the mountains. She cured villagers and animals, she also helped in village activities. It so happened, that one day she left for the summit, never to return. In her memory, this temple was built at the mountainside while the main Kalsubai temple was built on the peak.

Difficulty Level:  This trek falls under a moderate level as it includes ladder sections and steep ascents that might induce knee pain. The rock surface is steep and it is difficult to climb these rock surfaces. Hence this trek is considered to be moderate.

Best Time to Visit:  You can go trekking here anytime. It soothes your eyes and soul throughout the year. As it is located in the Western part of the country, the climate is pretty much stable all through the year, so it doesn’t really affect your experience.

Trek Time : It takes about five hours to reach the peak of Kalsubai.

Trail Information:  The trail starts from Bari village and it can be divided into two halves.

The first half starts from Bari village. The trail goes through grasslands and a short forest section.

We have to cover a distance of 3km and it takes us around 1hr 45 mins. Walkthrough the village path that goes straight through the village. Once you leave the village behind the trail enters a field. Take the right after you reach hutments. Walkthrough the fields some more. You will enter farmlands where a variety of rice is grown. The trail goes through one or two villages. In this section, you’ll find some steep ascent. The path turns left naturally after crossing the fields. The small ascent takes you to a temple of a local deity.

From here the second half of the trial starts. We have to cover a distance of 1.3km and it will take around 1hr 30 mins. After an hour of trekking, you’ll reach iron ladders. These ladders become slippery during monsoon. The rock surface being steep might cause difficulty in climbing. An ascending trail follows each ladder section. It’s almost grassy here. Towards the summit strong wind is likely. After three hours of climbing you reach a ridge-like area from here you have a little more climbing to do to reach the summit. The final ascent is to be covered with the help of steel stairs. The descent down takes a maximum of two to three hours of trekking. You’ll return back to Bari through the same trail.


  • Visit Kalsubai temple
  • Enjoy local food
  • Witness local culture
  • Interact with the locals( don’t forget to ask them about Kalsubai Devi)
  • Panoramic view of several mountains

Precautions and Essentials

  • Good trekking shoes are a must to ensure a comfortable trekking experience.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes.
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking are highly inadvisable.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Complete trekking gear
  • ID proof is a must for all trekkers
  • Take some water and some food along with yourself.
  • Carry a double strap backpack (no sling bag).
  • Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen.
  • Carry raincoats, jackets, first aid, and some extra clothes for emergencies.
  • Carry minimum weight.
  • Don’t litter.
  • Stay with the group and don’t wander on your own.
  • Take care of your own luggage.
  • Carry your medicines, if any.
  • Bring your camera and mobile phones at your own risk.
  • Don’t endanger your life by trying to click risky pictures.


The views from the summit are astounding. You enjoy the grasslands in Bari village and get to know more about this village. The part where you have to climb the iron ladder makes this trek more adventurous. Due to this many adventurous trekkers have this trek on the top of their to-do list. The story of Kalsubai Devi also astonishes people. Kalsubai lets you enjoy the most beautiful views. If you are planning a short yet adventurous trek, this one is it.

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