30 Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes

30 Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes
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When you think of Indian Breakfast, what comes to your mind instantly, let me guess it’s Dosa, Idli, Dhokla, Aloo Paratha, Upma, Aloo Puri (i.e. Puri served with Potato masala) and Pongal. There are lot Indian Breakfast recipes which are not very familiar outside, are passed on from generations within the family.

Traditionally Indian food i.e. Indian breakfast or Lunch and Dinner preparations have always been about health and taste from time immemorial. Let it be ingredients or the way the ingredients are used are all about their combinations and their effective use as healthy food, which any human being can digest easily and get the maximum nutrition out of each meal. As there are 30 Indian breakfast recipes in this post one can have one breakfast a day a whole month 😊.

Breakfast India recipes have always stood out for their simplicity and depth in taste one can experience. Have seen many foreigners coming to India feeling shocked and filled with awe and admiration at the variations, that India can offer in terms of taste and varieties of food that is available in each region. When one travels in India every region and state has its own variation in the style of cooking. The taste and ingredient’s suits the place and region they are staying whether we are talking about breakfast or lunch and dinner.

Let’s see some of the healthy Indian breakfast recipes:

Healthy Indian Breakfast

Since Indian Breakfast is the best when comes to balanced nutrition, we have all been imbibed that breakfast is very important. So a balanced breakfast, which is like a wholesome meal is very important. Let’s look at some north and west Indian breakfast recipes which can give us a balanced diet for the morning.


Healthy Indian Breakfast

Whenever we visit a restaurant be it south, north or any part of India. One cannot miss Dosa and Idli in the menu of the hotel/restaurant. I never realized that South Indian breakfast was so widely consumed and famous outside South India. They are famous as they are healthy and tasty. So, let’s see some South Indian breakfast recipes:




Rava Idli, healthy indian breaKfast
Rava Idli

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