Everything You Need to Know About Aussie Culture

Everything You Need to Know About Aussie Culture
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Whether it conjures up a hot land full of spiders, fighting kangaroos or fearless crocodile wrestlers, when Australia is mentioned, everyone has their preconceived notions of what the country and the people are like. But in reality, Aussie culture is less about dangerous bugs and way more about the people.


Aussie Irreverence

Aussie Irreverence: If there’s one thing that everyone who knows an Aussie will agree with, it is that they have a complete irreverence and general cheeky demeanour. It’s a refreshing cheekiness and even with a healthy sprinkling of F-bombs and C-words, it would be exceptionally difficult to feel offended. Honestly, this carefree attitude will, if anything, probably endear you to them even more. This ability to be laid-back and take the piss while earning an Olympic medal in swearing is ingrained in the Aussie culture, so try not to look too shocked when anything comes out of their mouths !


Loving the Underdogs

Loving the Underdogs: Irreverent Aussies will call it as they see it, and anyone they feel is getting a little big for their boots or above their station will be brought down a peg. Loving the underdog is an Aussie trait that stems from the belief that everyone should have a fair shot at life. The class system brought in by British settlers in the 18th century is very much disparaged now. So boasting about your wealth or status to an Aussie will likely make them laugh in your face rather than give you any respect.


Its Mutliculutral

It’s MulticulturalAustralia is home to many different cultures, with almost 50% of the population either born abroad (or their parents were). This makes Australia one of the most culturally diverse countries on Earth. Lifestyles, cultures, foods and practices have all influenced Australian culture and its welcoming nature to those emigrating there.

Australia is also home to the oldest surviving civilisation on the planet, which is still thriving and makes up around 3% of Australia’s population. Evidence has shown that both the Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people have been living in Australia for over 60,000 years.


Aussie tolerance and equality

Aussie Tolerance and Equality: A huge reason many people are compelled to visit or live in Australia is that it is a tolerant and progressive country. Not only are Aussies a great laugh, but they will actively try to make life as fair for everyone as possible. Not only do they have an excellent publicly-funded healthcare system similar to the NHS, but they also provide free education for school children up to university level. In 2017, Australia passed the law to allow same-sex marriage, with 62% of voters in favour.


Enjoying a tipple or two

Enjoying a Tipple or Two: It is no secret that Aussies love a drink, but with a climate that can grow a surprising range of grapes, it would be hard not to! Australian wine is known worldwide for its incredible quality, as well as the diversity and originality in the varieties. Peter Lehmann, a Barossa wine producer, once said: ‘When God invented Shiraz, he did it with Australia in mind.’ And if wine isn’t to your taste, Aussies love a few tinnies of beer as well. While lager still reigns supreme in Australia, craft markets and microbreweries are starting to see some tread too. So if you want to make friends with an Aussie, you can’t go too far wrong if you offer them a pint.


Love for Travel

Australia was, and still is a hub for travellers and backpackers, but they also are famous for roaming the world. So for many Aussies, whose nation and heritage is largely founded in immigration, it seems that travel is in their blood, with some brave enough to cross the globe solo. Searching out their familial roots and touring the world is second nature and is somewhat of a national obsession.

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