Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi – A Travel Blog which is Raw , Real and truly Informative

Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi – A Travel Blog which is Raw , Real and truly Informative

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Travelling can make life better and happier in several ways: because it teaches one about the world. As a matter of fact, travelling can teach us much more than any university course can, it actually makes one more accommodating and open to new ideas. Besides, it teaches you about yourself and is perhaps the best way to know thyself i.e. how you react to various situations, meeting new people and different ethnicity, your feelings towards your homeland and also gives you chance to test your social skills.

And in my quest for travelling and finding some of the best Travel Blogs in India , I came across this beautiful blog by an Indian Couple – Nishtha & Rahul – called Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi .

Delightfully, I found much more on their blog rather than just Travel write -ups. Read on for details :

As I was going through their blog , I could actually feel how passionately they have experienced and seen the world through their eyes. Believe me , I myself could feel the world through their senses as I tried to grab each experience as if I was accompanying them on each of their tour. And hence , this art of Rahul & Nishtha to put across their travelling experience across to their readers  in such realistic way is really commendable.

Spiritual Write ups Rahul Yuvi

As one browses through the blog the various topics covered will definitely prove very useful if not essential for any traveller i.e. travel – places to travel and what one can expect out of these places when you visit for e.g. Top 2 exceptionally exotic beaches of Goa that you just can’t afford to miss ! #Best Beaches #Hidden Jewels, it gives you detailed knock down in pointers to why one should not miss these two beaches in goa and also one video of the beaches gives live experience of what is being explained in the post. And the next important thing they have clearly mentioned is that where to stay , where to eat while visiting a particular destination . i.e. Resort/Restaurant reviews helps people to decide which place to stay when one is visiting the place. For e.g. Resort Rio, Goa : Pure Luxury or Just the Hype? Let’s find out !! #Goa, this post gives a detailed pointer, what one can expect when you visit this resort with a video to support and also some beautiful pictures, one can see they are honest and straight forward reviews so that you have unbiased opinion helping you to choose without much of ambiguity.

Book Review Rahul Yuvi

As one is travelling a companion along would make the journey more thrilling and rewarding, I am talking about Books 😊 . The blog even has a Book Review section . Having gone through some of the posts/book reviews ,  they have mentioned exactly what a reader requires before deciding to buy a book for himself/herself. One can check out and sample book review i.e. Book Review : Handwritten Letters in the BookStore (Notion Press & Owlery Book World )

Another distinguished benefit of travelling – It lets you gain useful knowledge, The other two sections i.e. Spiritual write ups and Inspiritnational Human Stories deal with the useful knowledge one can gain when you travel around the world as one meets and interacts with a lot of different people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, who have different ways of expressing their emotions, giving you a different aspects of life, and also gives you an opportunity to gauge the world through various perceptions and allow you to gain many spiritual experiences and knowledge. You tend to meet many different inspiring human beings who tend redefine your definition of life.

To sum up hope this critic write up of mine helps you to get an overview of the blog

Guys  do visit their blog as good stuff by hardworking people should definitely be promoted & encouraged. You may also simple google : Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi  to get an real time experience of their travels and their various delightful insights of various places they have visited.

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