10 Reasons to JUICE or NOT

10 Reasons to JUICE or NOT

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There are so many fads around Juicing, Juice diets, and the so-called benefits that it is imperatively that we make an informed decision.

Personally, my equilibrium has been shifting from one camp to other over the course of the last decade, and somehow I feel I have finally centered.  From extreme Juicing to cleansing and detoxing to the health fad of a mix of fruits and veggies.   My mantra now is “everything – but in moderation’.

I have penned my thoughts over what I have learned over the course of years and will leave it for you to take whatever you think is best suited.  Life is too small to run after fads – aim to learn, garner maximum information and follow what makes sense.

10 Reasons to JUICE or NOT

Juice or Raw ?

  • Even if Juice is freshly pressed: if strained or filtered, it ends up as nothing more than natural sugary water: most of the vitamins, minerals, and vast amounts of fiber gets lost in the grinding and filtering process. Fiber is required by our bodies for the proper functioning of our gastrointestinal tract – which helps in regulating our digestion process. A high fiber diet is considered to be healthy.
  • Juices are better when consumed when your digestive system is not in order. When we want to somewhat relax it and give it time to heal – water based diets soothes the healing process.  Here it is best to note that never to create Juicing as a replacement for our meals. It only works if it is treated as a supplement.
  • Juice based diets, in a longer runs, prove to be ineffective, in any sense. One tends to gain back lost weight once we go back to our normal diet because our calories intake increases unless one plan to live life is way
  • As juice is water based, it makes one feel hungry faster and ultimately proves to be less satisfying/satiating. Fiber keeps us feeling full thus limiting are the intake of food.  Lack of fiber allows one to consume more and in many cases, this leads to obesity.
  • Juicing for cleansing also is effective in weight loss. But there is no study which supports that fact this in loss of weight stays long term – in fact, many studies shows otherwise. It does not help in burning fat.
  • Commercial Juices – canned or prepacked in tetra packs should be a strict NO NO. These juices are derived out of ripe, oversweet fruits and after pasteurization, it is nothing more than water + sugar. However convenient you feel it is and is tempted for a quick fix – do not go down this route.  Plain water is much more beneficial.
  • If you don’t like the taste of Water (which I think is actually absurd) you can remain hydrated with the intake of the green veggie shakes (avoid Beetroot and carrot as they are sweet in nature and contains natural sugar or you can include them in small quantities in comparison to the greens).
  • For green juices or rather veggie ones – use organic produce if possible, drink as soon as you make it and avoid storing. It is best to drink this up fresh as the spoiling process starts only after one or two hours
  • To Answer ‘ to Juice or to Blend’: Well, the process of Juicing involves grinding and then filtering to extract the water and nutrients which results is fiber being removed. But blending only breaks down of the nutrients and converts the insoluble fiber into soluble fiber resulting in better quality of intake in comparison with Juicing. Again, this does not replace a well-rounded meal. Insoluble fiber helps in slowing down the absorption of sugar and keeps our digestive system functioning, which is essential too.
  • A high fiber diet reduces the risk of diabetes and heart issues.

In the end, only juicing without the intake of fiber from other sources will be detrimental to our health.  To go further it’s better to eat fruit and veggies as a whole.  As Mother Nature gave us and intends for us to have.  Not only will we get the required amounts of nutrients, vitamins, fiber – but also end up saving up on electricity.

A balance in crucial and so is moderation !! Save our Plant. Our equilibrium.

Author: Margaret KM

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