Green Chilly vs Red Chilly : Epic Battle

Green Chilly vs Red Chilly : Epic Battle

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I always had a love-hate relationship with Chilly – be it the green variety or the luscious red ones.  Some dishes are made to turn the heat up and some just need that subtle flavour.  Growing up in Asia helps – we have very long ago, friend zoned our Chillies.

I recently noticed a change in my digestive system – started getting acidity attack/acid reflux after a spicy hot meal – digging further helped me realize that this could be the result of using Red Chilly -the powder form.

Which got me wondering…… And here what I have found.

They all start of young as green and then ripen to turn into red or yellow and depending on the variety also into orange or brown-purple, in some cases. The most commonly used around the world are the green and red variety.

Red Chilly Green Chilly

Red Chilly: commonly dried and then powdered. But also used as fresh red peppers. There are various varieties of it available – some really hot, some milder and some which, gives that intense red colour to our food. But it is known to be much Spicer or hotter in comparison to this green counterpart.

  • Contains Vitamin A & C (fresh chillies have higher Vit C than dried ones ), iron : helps the body in absorbing iron.
  • Helps in weight loss – assists in burning calories and improving longevity.
  • Improves Cognitive functions.
  • Contributes to red blood cell formation and boosts immunity.
  • Helps during cold and relieves congestions.
  • Prevents ulcers and soothe intestinal disease.
  • Heard that it prevents cancer and reduces blockages in arteries.

Seems to be another miracle spice. Then why does it cause Heartburn: Moderation is the key and it applies to all food. In excess the side effects are:

  • Constipation and ailments like piles
  • Heartburn, Stomach pain, diarrhoea
  • Burning sensation – in the whole body – from mouth to stomach to rectal and in some cases even skin
  • High consumption is also linked to stomach cancer

Green Chillies: there is so much written out there on this spice, and how suitable it is than the red chilly powder.  In many parts of rural India – it is also eaten raw as an accompaniment to food.  This might sound horrific to some – but I have seen some relish it as if they get high.

  • These have water content, fibers, and no calories
  • Lighter on the stomach – causes less digestive distress.
  • Rich in Vitamin C & E hence good for skin: helps in keeping it healthy
  • As it is fresh and not grounded – chances of food adulteration with artificial colours is less.
  • It contains beta-carotene which is good for the heart, keeps the cardiovascular system strong and healthy
  • It is rich in antioxidants and endorphins
  • It is also good for the immune system and helps in weight loss

But always remember anything in access is not good.

So, Which one the better :

Well, Green chillies win hands down. Though we cannot do without our spice in our everyday cooking.  It is advisable to use fresh produce rather than dried powdered ones.  Green Chillies has water content and fibers.  It is richer in beta-carotene, antioxidants & endorphins when compared to Red ones.  Does not cause peptic ulcers and of course cannot be adulterated

Get your heat quota from Green chillies – it’s healthy…

Author: Margaret KM

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